I've been playing the guitar for about 4 yrs. now. No lessons, self taught, and i would say I'm decent. But I seem to feel as though I'm stuck in the same practice routine, not really learning anything. I know the minor/major pentatonic scale in all positions really well, major and minor scales in all 12 keys and I have a a pretty desent understanding about chords. (I know all about 7ths, 9ths, Dim., Aug., etc.) so the question i ask is what do i do next. Im not to well at "organizing" my practice routine. I play for hrs. upon end every day but it's always the same thing, I'll just pick up my guitar and either learn/ play along with a song from the tab (I can read music really well, like on piano, but on the guitar I'm not as fluent), or just mess around on a particular scale for a while, not really being productive.

I really want to get better, so anybody got any advice?

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making ur practice more efficient will definitely help u here. Go look for an article of ug called 10 ways to help u accomplish ur musical goals or something along that line. It gives u excellent tips on how to do that
2nd, u may want to delve into some more advanced techinques with ur immense scale knowledge (legato, arpggios, sweep picking, tapping, etc)
maybe start memorizing arpeggios shape.
I have a little booklet that shows arpeggios of a perticular chord
on the entire fretboard. I find it very helpful to look at them every
so often.

Maybe do simple inflections, bends, slide, vibratos to give the scales life.

Maybe try writing riffs or phrasing. You can download backing tracks
of veriouse generartions from the net for free.

Maybe get a recorder...this way you can hear yourself on playback

I always spend time doing veriouse picking/strumming pattern excercise
and inflections. (The basics) I belive there's 16 basic picking pattern

I started practicing playing without a pick a couple of years ago.
It added another dymanic to my playing.
Start learning about modes, know how to play and use them.

Also start a band if there are people really interested in music, but most of the time there is no one around.

I would suggest going out and buying the electric guitar rock school books, from grade (wateva you think you are) up to grade 8. I was in the same position as you and bought them from grade 4 to 8 and it has really helped me... the good thing is it really gives you something interesting to play and also makes you learn all the techniques and scales and pretty much everything.

Heres a link : Rockschool books

EDIT: oh, if you do get them the latest ones are from 2006 - 2012 I think
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Thanks for all the feedback, I have got plently of stuff to learn now. This should keep me busy for a while

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Piano music and guitar music (notation) are the exact same thing. You just have to learn how to put the same notes on the guitar fret. I'd start working on this as being a sight reader on guitar is a very marketable skill to have. Also, work on learning techniques that you don't already know. Explore different tunings, etc.
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Quote by j_u_s_t_m_e
I play for hrs. upon end every day but it's always the same thing,

Play. Something. Else.

Don't word it like you're a victim. "it's always the same thing"? Come on! What
you mean is "I've chosen to only play thing things I already know over and over".

Choose different.
Ah I've been there, where it becomes boring. How I broke it the cycle was by listening to different kinds of music. Try classical music, try progressive rock, try ambient soundscapes. There's so much music out there, broaden your listening horizons and your playing will follow, at least, it did for me.