I can understand the hate on MG and Spider III... but what about Metal Muff? Even running through the MM through the Blues Junior, it doesn't get muddy or blurry at all, and with a right adjustment on the volume knob on guitar, i can use different attack to switch between light distortion and some really heavy distortion. The only issue I found is that it really makes an amp loud, and that the sound that it produce is very close to thrash metal and Pantera tone. So what's wrong with it?
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There isn't. For the price, it's basically the best metal distortion pedal out there.
Eh you sure people are hating on it? I've seen almost everyone saying pretty good things about it...

If you can't get enough distortion out of your amp, and was to recommend a distortion pedal, I would recommend the Metal Muff.
I actually think the MM may be the most suggested distortion pedal on this site. Not everyone is a fan of it, but I rarely see any hate...
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not enough bass for me, i dont have a problem with it though, i still want one

I second that, but you might get some nice tones out of it after fooling around with it for a while.
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There isn't. For the price, it's basically the best metal distortion pedal out there.

I've seen a few people the past week or so saying it sucks.

My guess is they probably haven't tried it but just don't want to sound like everyone else saying it's good.

There really isn't anything better in its price range. I mean what else is there? Boss Metal Zone/Metal Core and Line6 Uber Metal?
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

Metal muff is the best iv played, iv played alot of distortion pedals and this is the best, even beats the high end 200 dollar ones imo. the top boost melts your face and its only 80 bucks!
in the distortion pedal department, i think its only really surpassed by the English Muff'n, and thats a tube pedal. Go figure
Well it's a pretty touchy pedal that takes a decent bit of tweaking, and also, unlike the metal zone or metal master, it sounds pretty different depending on what amp you run it through, and what guitar you use,but I love mine, hell I use it as distortion on my tube stack.
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I don't see many people hating it.
Although I wouldn't call myself a fan of it, but that's just me.
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I'm sure it's not as good as all the fanboys say, but it can't be any worse than a metal zone or uber metal.
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I think some people won't accept that the Metal muff sounds better than their half stack.

That was for me, Until the DSL100...
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