Poll: How do you behave to your guitar.
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View poll results: How do you behave to your guitar.
Like a *****.
9 16%
Not too hard. not too gently.
43 75%
Like my 90-years old grandmother.
5 9%
Voters: 57.
The thing I have noticed since I began guitar a couple of years before is that you begin behaving your guitar very gently and progressively you end up strumming harder and overall push it more to it's limits to get the desired sound you have in your head.

So, pit, do you share my view that behaving your guitar bad, strumming harder, picking individual notes harder, hitting the body etc. ends up producing a better in your face type of sound or no and why.

EDIT: the "*****" word in the poll was supposed to be w1h1o1r1e without the ones.
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Depends what style you're playing in at the time... Like i play soft when playing adaptions of piano etc or slow songs, but for like heavy outro's etc i do hit harder, but thats more of just getting into it, slow songs i push my voice harder to match the melodic sound.
yeah, i think if you listen to damien rice's stuff, alot of his songs go from soft to hard through the song
depends on the situation
But normally it does end up with beating the hell out of it
just like most situations i guess
personally im too tired to think of a witty inuendo to follow "beating the hell out of it"
i just hope saying
"yo' mama did that last night"
again i apologise for that blight on the interwebs
playing hard just makes you go slower, get tired, and beat your strings up.

ive got a lot better since i started not digging into the strings with my pick and doing it softer, and this is for playing thrash and stuff so neither does it mean soft music either
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I've been a bitch to my Strats, but I'm careful with my Washburn cos it has a nice quilted maple top and blue finish that I don't want to damage.

For a lot of blues, I find that digging in helps with tone, and thrashing out powerchords makes metal more convincing.
For my strat, the tone is alot clearer if I play it soft, so getting it brought a new dimension to my playing. It's great playing fairly soft.
when actually playing, play how you need to; if it is a fast metal song, play hard. if it is a crazy solo, play hard. if it is soft and sweet, then play that way.

hit the strings how you want, as long as you get the sound you desire. but when you are done, clean the strings and neck with a dry cloth and anything else on your guitar which you may have sweated on.
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I usually play hard when it's necessary, the emotion you put into the guitar is the emotion that comes out of your amp. But this is only true under certain circumstances, like double bends I've noticed sound a lot more aggressive if you really smack it and bend right. And it feels good too

But if your playing something soft, the tone is in the gentle touch, I've got both down well I'd say.
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But options 1 and 3 are the same...
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90% of your tone comes from your amp, and of course the way you play, but to be honest i just pick harder if i want a heavyier more agressive sound...sure, but i just pick softer too if i need a softer quieter sound...its common sense...
It really depends on what I'm playing. There are so many different techniques for countless applications. I can't say I really follow any specific technique. Its all about what your song calls for.
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It really depends on what I'm playing. There are so many different techniques for countless applications. I can't say I really follow any specific technique. Its all about what your song calls for.

This about sums it up for me too.