right peoples,

i'm one of those guys who likes to get the most life out of their strings as possible so when they go dull i just give them a bit of the scouring pad treatment all up and down the strings, it gets all the **** and crap off, but im worried, is this a good idea or is it just gonna wreck my guitar?

Thanks guys
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Strings are recommended to be changed roughly once every 6 to 8 weeks, so essentially if your concerned about tone, i would just replace them. To keep my strings in good condition, i leave some silica gel sachets inside my guitar case, so that it absorbs any moisture. It gives me a coupla extra weeks of string life, however if you want the best tone, i would recommend restringing often.
i wouldnt put a scouring pad anywhere near my guitar. you are going to ruin the finish on the fretboard.

change strings regularly - buy on line from someone like stringbusters, they are about half the cost of buying from music shop.
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