hey guys
im pretty sure john uses his ds-2 for most of this song
what settings should i have on the ds-2 to get a similar tone?
any ideas?
"Especially in Michigan” For the harmony guitars that come in halfway through the second chorus, I used an Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n distortion pedal, which I really love. It has an incredible amount of upper midrange and highs, and it can be obnoxiously bright, so I turned my tone knob all the way down and used the middle pickup to have the deadest and blandest sound possible coming out of the guitar, which produced a sweet, Cream-era Clapton-like sound. [Frusciante appears on the new album by the Mars Volta as well.

This one is from Guitar Player website, words of Froosh himself.

For me the beginning and rhytmic parts sound more like a Big Muff, it can easily produce so "stuffy" if you use tone knob wisely. For DS-2 - I think using normal mode instead of Turbo mode could be good, even though Froosh uses Turbo for the rhytmic parts. Then just mess around with the tone knob to achieve the right sound.
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oooh ic
thats answers everything
ill just use that pedal then

No need for getting English Muff'n , it's great but pretty expensive. Plus, for RHCP stuff DS-2 and Big Muff PI are pretty much everything you need in terms of distortion. Until you get the Muff just play with the settings which I wrote in my first post.