I did both guitars/vocals and I know they suck equally, lol. And my recording isn't that great as I'm using head phones to record by pluggin them into the mic jack. Anyway, enjoy, if you can lol.
Hey man i appreciate the crit. I cant find "the sun will never rise again" so im going to crit your song subsidence.

The first riff was ****ing sick, very reminiscent of At the Gates as well as the opening scream, sounded alot like at the gates singer! The riffs throughout were extremely melodic and catchy but still sounded hella hard to play at that speed. Im also a huge fan of your tone, whats your setup? And PM me your MSN dude, haha.
When I could finally hear the first riff, it sounded great Yea you've got a lot of buzz going on there. You could fix it up with some proper mixing. But your playing is very tight. I love the riffs as well. I wish this had drums. The vocals were hard to decipher throughout the song. And not because you're growling, because I can barely hear them. The clean vocals were okay, but you went off key a few times. During the solo, you also went off key at times, and your bends are off. It was pretty good otherwise. I see you were trying to sweep, but I guess you're still learning? It's alright, I'm not too good at sweeps either...But the riffs throughout the song were sick.

Overall, it just needs production work and the solo needs to be tweaked a bit. Otherwise, great job! Could you give mine a crit?

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