Like a recorder? You know that screechy thing you all were forced to play back in 2nd grade?

Its for when i go to my cousins house. He lives kinda far away so when i go there i stay for a week or two and the cars to small to fit my guitar.

Try laying your guitar along the back seats, on the laps of whoever's sitting there. Thats how I travel with mine, anyway.

Other than that, you're probably better off just buying a recorder or whatever. They gotta be cheap.
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get a ukelele!!!!!!!!!!!
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do what jimbleton said

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get a ukelele!!!!!!!!!!!

I second this.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
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get a ukelele!!!!!!!!!!!

i third this
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Erm, it's small, so It doesn't take up much room in a small sedan, so it's easy to travel w/.
yeah man invest in a ukelele
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Thinwhistle or ocarina.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
pop bottles, fill them with water at different heights and blow over the tops XD

no, just find a way to make your guitar fit, somehow, even between your legs while driving.

EDIT: don't die. and 'pop' is the same thing as 'soda' or 'soder' as some say it.
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Well i wanted to make a flute or something like it because my guitar WILL NOT FIT. We have tried many times.

And only one person has posted something decent (Although the ukelale isnt a bad idea i just dont want to BUY something i wont use very often)
what kind of guitar do you have?
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