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Guitar Pro
49 83%
Power Tab
10 17%
Voters: 59.
which one do you think is better??????

i used to think that power tab was sooo cool.
and then i got guitar pro. and i gotta say, it kicks ass

so what is your opinion
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Guitar pro without a doubt
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I find powertab easier to use, but thats probably because i've had it much longer...but guitar pro is without question, better.
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If you know how to get it for "free", Guitar Pro all the way.
It's just so more comfortable.

I've always used Guitar Pro, I tried to download Power Tab once and the whole thing just didn't work at all, it wouldn't even load and I wasted an hour downloading it all and trying to get it to work.
So GP5 all the way.
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Guitar Pro all the way. I can write full songs and get them to my band, as opposed to Power Tab, which I just don't have the patience for and can't do drums.
both are good. but both have their faults, but i would prbably say GP

and urik, you can download it free off limewire, but you cant upgrade it though
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I dont know how to work either of them
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Guitar Pro is better, but it needs a much better computer. I can whack Powertab on my mums ****yy laptop, but i cant put guitar pro on

also, its much harder to do accelerations of pace on guitar pro

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Power Tab. My computer can't handle GP...
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