Say I have a gp 5 tab.How can I alter the speed at wich the notes are played?For expample from 120 bpm to 100 bpm etc

p.s. I hope I am in the correct forum...
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Select the bar for the tempo change, then
Go to:

Note -> Mix Table -> click on tempo -> enter desired tempo
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If you're using GP5 there should be a tempo button in the 'Sound' drop down menu or on the toolbar at the top of the screen. It looks like a quarter note with a number to the right of it. You can change the tempo as long as the song's not playing.

Also there is a trainer function you can access by pressing the F9 key. Highlight a section you want to practice with the mouse, press F9, and enter a percentage of speed to play the section. It will then play that section over and over at the speed rate you choose.