Im buying that Toneport from Line6. Only $50 and iv read it was very good. Im just woudnering would I have any problems running my guitar to my boss ds1 to the tone port? Think it'd capture it great?
You shouldn't have any problems but the Gearbox software with the Toneport has a load of settings so you could just make your own distortion sound up with that instead.
it would work, but it's a bit pointless, theirs digital effects built into the software which comes with the toneport which has nicer sounding distortion, compared to the DS1, But! it will work and record it =)
Thanks! Well I know about the gearbox. Im really going to use their amp models and what not for when I do covers but when I want to write my own songs, I want to use the DS1 so that way if I ever play live i'll be close to my tone.
yea I found the DS1 to be lame...and it works a little better if you run it with a real amp rather than straight to an interface like I tried at first.

Gearbox has some great cleans but you will need to work on the distortions quite a bit to get something fair out of the program...