Hey everyone, I'm thinking of putting together a Strat with a locking nut like the Floyd Rose, but not having the actual FR Trem. I use alternate tunings sometimes, so I figure the bridge would just be a hassle, but I could just unlock the nut when I need to change tunings.

Just in case that was confusing- I play music sometimes where I need to go to say, drop D, and I don't wanna have to unlock the whole bridge and all that crap just to tune one string. This way, I figure the nut gives me some stability, and also the ability to change tunings (I also have locking headstock tuners).

Do you guys think this is even worth it, and how easy is it to unlock/lock the nut? (I've never used one before)

Not worth it, although a locking nut is easy to use, and so is a Floyd Rose (if you just learn how to operate one) I would never have a locking nut with out some kind of a fine tuner at the bridge position.

If you put a locking nut on a guitar that doesnt have a FR bridge (or something else with fine tuners) you will put the guitar slightly out of tune ever time you lock the nut.

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