Well, as part of my Strat copy upgrade project thing, I'm going to get a new neck. I'm looking for a good decent neck; one better than my old one, but I don't want to have to pay loads of money for. I have around $250 or so to spend on one, and I could go higher, but I'd say $300 is the max.

I'm looking for a finished maple neck. I looked on Warmoth's website, but their finished necks are pretty expensive. Ebay has some of those "Stratosphere" necks for not too much money. I'd like to have 22 medium jumbo frets also.

Would ebay be my best bet? Or could I find a better quality replacement neck elsewhere? If I did go ebay, I would most likely get an American Standard or an American Deluxe neck.

Or should I spend the extra dough on a Warmoth? Do their necks exceed the quality of the Fender necks?

Thanks in advance.
Warmoth's products are guaranteed and they have a good reputation. Their prices are not expensive, to make a decent neck takes money but you could also check out Stew-Mac. com for replacement necks. Before ordering anything though, you need to know your scale length of the current neck so the retro fit will still intonate properlyy. For this measure from the nut to the 12th Fret and double the measurement. You should also know what finger board radius you want and whether you'll need a 3 or 4 screw mounting arrangement. You may also have to shim the neck or shaving wood from the neck pocket in order to properly install your neck. Both Warmoth and Stew-Mac designs assume you are dropping their necks into standard scale lengths and neck pockets so beware. It's not as easy as it sounds when you take all the requirments into consideration. Anyone who says just buy one and drop it in is suspect.
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