im getting ready to build an evh frankenstrat and I have some questions. First, im going to be using a black squire bullet strat. Could i just leave the black finish there and tape over it, then apply the white? Also, how would i go about carving the out the now single coil slot to make it fit a humbucker? last, what is a good pickup under $80 i could put in it?Im currently looking at some dimarzio ones.
1) Eddie just painted over the original finish
2) You most likely don't need to carve out the hole for the pickup, it usually is big enough for a humbucker under the pickguard.
3) Don't put a single coil in the neck, the one in eddies was never even hooked up
4) The humbucker in Eddie's was a Gibson PAF pickup, dimarzio makes a comparable PAF or even the PAF pro, if you want to get close to his tone.
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yes its the black and white one, but its a good guide. and if u want it to be accurate, put the single coil in it, just dont hook it up
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What you should do is leave the black on, mask up the black stripes, then rough it up with steel wool (don't sand it), then lay primer on the body, then paint it white, then mask up the white, then paint it red! Then take off all the masking tape and spray a clear coat over the paint to seal it off! Hope this helps!
That'll give you what you want for EVH tone, it's what I used when I did a frankenstrat job for a friend.
The poster right above me actually has a suggestion taht isn't bad, mine was A LOT of work, but it was worth the quality feel, to me.
Also, I'd HIGHLY suggest putting in a floyd rose, they have solid steel fastloaders on the site I posted for 60 bucks.
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