Hey im new here, but i don't understand sweep picking. What i don't understand is if you press the strings all the way down, or just lightly? And I also don't understand finger rolling. Every time i pull my finger off the string, it makes a sound.
i shouldnt really comment cause i cant sweep pick anything but one song, but the way i learned it is by playing it alterante picking. it feels so wierd going down the string up and down on each string it your hands will feel somewhat stressed and want to sweep then the songs sweep will come to you. and i dont think you need to press lightly on the string just normal amount but you hve to kind of do a pull off with out flicking the string like you would a normal pulloff, and finger rolling is confusing go on youtube theres are really good set of vids on there for it
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I have no idea about the "pressing the strings down" part of your question... your left hand frets the note while the right one picks it. The Advanced Techniques section would probably be able to help you more. To the guy above me, I don't see how you can learn a sweep picking song by alternate picking (unless you have GIANT hands) they are not the same thing at all.
Well i practiced this exercise to get my picking hand sweeping. The guy said to lightly rest your finger over the fret.
Then i went onto this one. So do i just lightly rest my fingers on the frets, not pressing down, or do i push them down.
The exercise that guy gave you was purely for your right hand to get the sweeping motion. Now it is time to add the fretted notes with your left hand.
ok i got it now, but i can't seem to add hammer ons and pull offs. heres an example.
edit: that is hard to see, but how are you sweeping when there are two notes on the same string?
It would not (normally) be 12H15P12 because that would ruin the sweeping motion. Most likely it's 12-15P12 so once you do the down stroke on 12 you can start using up strokes on the 15. It's all about keeping the strict all up/down strokes for the picked notes in most cases.
Well just a reccomendation but the Beast and the Harlot chorus is great for practicing sweep picking.
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