A 2 minute ballad about a horse

Give a listen, and tell me what you think - leave a link to your stuff and ill check it out and leave some feedback.


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How about leaving a link to your stuff? It's not on your profile.
i like your untitled 2 alot when you get vocls on that is gonna be cool. they all sound really good
It was a good song, but the vox seem to have gotten buried in the mix, you might want to add a bit of compression to even them out and cut back on the reverb a little bit, also maybe lower the mids on the guitar to make the vox more prominent, great guitar work BTW.

Crit Plz:
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This is a great song. I like it a lot... After listening to your untitled piece, I wasn't expecting anything much different from that, but I'm impressed. Nice guitar work all around. The vocals are really well done, too.

As a whole, it's reminiscent of a sort of Radiohead/Sparklehorse/Songs Ohia mixture. I can tell where your main influence lies, though...

The only problem I have with it is that the ending is a little abrupt, and should probably extend a little longer, but it's not a big deal... Just my taste...

I think this one came out well.

Great song.
Ya the untitled piece, i actually just dug up from my old computer, i did it around 3 years ago and liked it the best of my old stuff, so decided so see what people thought about it. It was back when i was really into angels and airwaves and a lot of catchy pop punk bands.

I just finished recording my old horse, its been a work in progress for the last year or so...not that it took me a year of constant work, but it was just a poem i had written for writers craft, and then a while ago i decided to turn it into a song, and worked something out on guitar, but never got around to recording it. then i did record it, but only the first minute with acoustic only, then just recently had some spare time, so i wrote and recorded some guitar, bass, and drum parts.
Anyways, that was probably more than you cared to know , thanks for the feedback, i probably will make it alittle longer, i do have another verse i could sing..
Quote by flyinguitar
Anyways, that was probably more than you cared to know , thanks for the feedback, i probably will make it alittle longer, i do have another verse i could sing..

Not at all too much.

Definitely add anther verse if you can... I think it'll make the song even better if you do...

Good luck with it.
By the way dude, id be more than happy to check you music out. Well actually i see there is a link to your myspace, so im going to check it out. but leave a link to threads for them if you have any, so i can give you some feedback.