the idea of the riff sound very good and can picture a great melody vocals or guitar going over a lot of the sections, a lot of great ideas through out the song

i cant really understand the vocals as there not coming through that well but thats ok ill just focus on the riffs and what not
but also a tip with singing try not to move away from the mic,

The riff after the chorus sounds pretty cool and im picturing a very very powerful drum beat behind it keeping up the pressure

Nice song, just needs to full band accompaniment and a nicer recording job in time and what not but looking forward to more little tunes
Well as it is now, the song i very sloppy and raw. It would definitely benefit from some drums and maybe a cleaner recording. Honestly, I couldn't stand the vocals, but aside from that the riffs were pretty good and the song was structured well. I think with drums this would sound pretty sick, so good job man keep at it.

I also looked at some of your other stuff, the intro riff to Subsidence was pretty sick. I loved the harmonizing going on there. And your vocals on that one are ****ing disgusting (in a good way) so nice job on that. Again it would benefit from drums, but its a good start for sure.

Crit mine?