I'm extremely new to playing guitar, and even more knew to playing acoustic. I was in Alberta recently (live in BC) where taxes are cheaper. Found a pawn shop that sold musical instruments.

I flat out told buddy behind the counter that I know little to nothing about guitars, so couldn't really tell him what I was looking for. I figured I'd just walk in and if anything seemed to "speak" to me Id get it lol

Turned out the one that spoke to me was SUPER cheap ($70.00) and the guy told me he couldn't sell it to me. Apparently that one and a few others from the same supplier were crap and the necks were bending, so he wasn't going to sell them.

So then he picked up another one, in a cheap price (around $130) and handed it to me. It seemed odd... something about it was wrong... he was going on about how the neck was bent nicely so it was comfrotable to play and yada yada when I asked him why it seemed weird. He stared at me and then laughed and exclaimed "Oh! I can't sell you that one either, it's a Lefty"... I'm left handed, but it didn't feel comfrotable. Next one he picked out was a Right Handed, Electric Acoustic Wensen. It felt good, neck was pretty straight so a little uncomfrotable but not bad... though my only complaint would be the strings are a little high so I have to get use to pressing them a bit harder.

Anyway... the guy seemed to know what he was talking about for most of the time, was nice and helpful and he said it was a cheap guitar but not bad for just starting out. Came to about $160.00 (CAN).

I really know nothing about it... other than it's pretty It seems to play nice enough, and I'm sure it will feel a lot more comfrotable to play once I get use to it but right now I'm having trouble with the size of it, I'm use to playing an electric.

Does anyone know anything about Wensens? Are they any good?
Wensen means to wish or wishes in dutch...

I have never heard of them, but if it plays nice and sounds nice I'd get it, it's cheap enough...
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Never heard of them, but like a lot of other (somewhat) unknown guitar companies, you should look for the specs (details and specifications of the guitar). The height of the strings you were referring to is called "action." a high action means high strings, low means closer to the fretboard, low is better, but not too low, or you'll get fret buzz (where the string hits the frets and creates an ugly sound). There are ways to deal with it and change it, including loosening/tightening bridge screws and a bunch of other stuff, but there are other guides on that type of stuff around ultimate-guitar.com. You paid a good price for a starter guitar, if it really is good (again, I've never heard of Wensen). Perhaps someone else has heard of them?

Edit: HeliuM - that's exactly what I thought
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Thanks for the info... and I did not know that about the "action" So does that mean that hieght is a good thing? Though I'm assuming not too much hieght, right?

I really don't know anything about it... I should have asked more questions at the Pawn Shop, but really I wasn't sure WHAT to ask...

Oh yeah, it was a lot cheaper than it would have been also... due to Alberta only having one tax and because all the music stuff in the store was 10% off.

I took some pictures if that helps any... and I've been trying to look it up on the net but haven't really found anything...