Yo. Even though I've been playing guitar for 3 years I still have questions about thicker gauge strings. I usually use 10 gauge strings. Recently I got some 11s put 'em on and Loved them. I tried drop C tuning with them but the strings were still really loose. I'm starting to get into stuff with Drop C as the standard tuning like Breaking Benjamin. What Gauge of strings would be suitable for this low tuning 12 13? I'm not sure. And would I have to make any modifications to the guitar itself to allow the thicker strings to fit?

Thanks guys.
I've used 10-52's for Drop C and it was just fine for me....... I guess it's all subjective though.

Perhaps try 12-54 or 12-56?

You wouldn't have to make any modifications to the guitar, but it would be in your best interest to get it set up for use with those strings.
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Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms, or whatever the brand you buy calls them

I've heard they work very well for Drop C/D.

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