k have a problem. I have a choice of getting a new electric guitar or a new amp. I currently have a Fender Squire Strat and a small Vox DA5 amp. I'm not sure if it's the guitar or the amp but every time I play the guitar with the amp it sounds terrible...like really grainy. It might be the guitar because one of the cables snapped off inside and I had to soder it back on but anyway...I don't think either are that great and I was wondering what I should get because I can't really afford both at the moment. I'm not sure what type of amp I should get if I decide to get one but i've already picked out a guitar which i've played and I think is great. It's the Ibanez AS93 Artcore Series Hollow Body Electric Guitar (blue sunburst) and it looks and sounds awesome. Anyway if you could just give your opinion on what you think I should get, amp or guitar, let me know thanks!
If possible, the best solution for you is to bring both your guitar and your amp with you to your local guitar shop. They shouldn't have any problem with you trying out their guitars with your amp and their amps with your guitar (and if they do, you should be taking your business elsewhere).
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K cool. If I do decide to buy an amp is there a certain type you would recommend? I'm looking to have like a Weezer sound on my guitar.