I'm thinking of buying the 15w tube Blackheart head with the 112 blackheart cabinet to go with, I play almost everything, blues, punk, hard rock, classic rock, and metal. I want to know if this amp could be heard over the drums, and if it has a good rep. Thanks in advanced!
its good if your on a budget

EDIT: easily heard over drums
Will top over drums very easily, due to the tube power, and the sperate cab. 15 watts tube power should set you up well even for a nice small club gig.

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Unless you already have a cabinet, I would suggest looking at the combo instead of the "halfstack." While you may think the mini-stack is "cooler" right now, in the future you will probably wish you had simply bought the combo (more convenient for a number of reasons, will save you a few bucks, more economical with space, and still has a line out for an additional cabinet if you decide to go that route for some reason).

And, yes, the Blackheart Little Giant has a very good reputation. I've played fairly extensively through my friend's combo, and I was very impressed with its performance (especially considering its cost).

EDIT: I didn't see the "15 watt" specification. I've never played it myself, but I have heard good things around the forum. Try the search bar; I'm sure you'll find some useful information.
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^the hassle is minimal compared to a fullsize halfstack. you can easily carry the amp+cab and cables in both hands. and space wise, well the dimensions compared to the combo should be the same, only the HEIGHT is different. and last time i checked people don't really rule out buying a halfstack moreso on height than they do AREA. the head+cab will have a lil more headroom and prolly sound a tad different, but nothing that would make them sound like two different amps.

the difference in price between the little giant combo and stack is only $20, i imagine the difference in the handsome devil combo and stack would be similar. so it's not that much of a jump. but the guy above speaks correctly, a combo would STILL be more convenient, just not by that much. carrying your whole amp in one hand (by the handle obviously) is a nice luxury.

you'll be fine volume wise. and tonewise i don't think you could do better unless you upgraded the power tubes to JJs and preamps to tung-sols.

great choice bro!! join the club!!
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