On the hunt for a new guitar about 1400- less EUROS IM IN EUROPE
it's going to be a V and it going to look badass
I cannot make my mind up between the michael amott v in red with the floyd and the jackson new rr5fr in pink
it'll be going with a 5150, cleans don't really matter NO EMG's they're muddy and lifeless

if anyone has got anything to say about these guitars please do so in case of the jackson if you have a rr5 please say what you think especially tell me about the neck cus i prefer em fat but i can accomodate for whatever if it's nice
ALSO it's gotta be sturdy I will need to rely quite heavily on this guitar and i want to make a worthy investment

keep in mind i'm in europe so it's expensive and used are harder to come by i can't order from US too much of a pain and not very reliable
plus i'd like the warranty and the guarantee it'll last because i will be using this guitar pretty hardcore and i want it to last

IM OPEN TO SUGGESTION if the gutiars are along those lines PLEASE SUGGEST SUGGEST SUGGEST ahahah (but back the suggestion up)
I would also love to buy the Michael Ammot V...but I cant find it anywhere, where would I find one?

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Both of these are great guitars. Just a few differences though.

The amott is a 24.75 scale guitar with mahogany body with an ebony board. The RR5fr is a 25.5 scale guitar with an alder body and rosewood board.

If I had to choose though, I'd go for the RR5fr. I prefer the brighter tone of alder compared to the "thicker" sounding mahogany.

The question you really gotta ask is if you want a standard scale or a short scale guitar. As the feel will be a lot different depending on your tuning.

Also, the Jackson neck is a bit thinner, but it is a bit wider than the LTD.
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