well i've been thinking about getting my second guitar(i have an axl marquee sro[basically a strat kinda thing]) and well, i want a hollowbody, and i was looking through prices and stuff at guitar center, and i thought my best choice would be a grestch G5120 electromatic.. and i'm getting it in the u.s. cause i'll only be there for a 3 weeks.. and over here its worth alot more then in the u.s. .. the things i was wondering were, since i've never played a hollowbody in my life, i know they are supposedly really heavy, but i want to know if the neck of the guitar is as thick as an acoustic guitar, i have a hard time getting my whole hand to go around the neck of my acoustic, and its alot easier on my electric.. and i'm just wondering if i'll have that problem on this guitar, and also does anyone know if this guitar comes with a case or something i can use, that's reliable for an airplane?


EDIT: also how does the whole tremolo/whammy bar thing work on a grestch? is it the same as a strat? it looks different..
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Hmm, with most guitars lower than $1000 you'll have to buy a case. For the neck size factor, the neck on my 335 is a bit fatter than that of my Strat, but not as thick as my acoustic. To be honest, no matter how thick it is, over time you can easily adapt to the neck size. As for the transportation issue, you'll probably have to check it in as baggage. Call your airline to see if they allow instruments to be brought on the airline. If not it will be checked in as baggage. I would suggest to make sure the case is a nice tight fit for the guitar, and possibly wrapping the case in duct tape to prevent from latch breakage during flight.

Hope this will sort a few things out for you.

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the trem feels like your gunna crack the guitar and i would get a semihollow, the ibanez af70 i realy like, check out the artcore series
Those guitars are not heavy at all, they're lighter than most solidbody electrics. The neck is not as thick as on acoustics, but it has some substance - somewhat comparable to an LP neck when it comes to size.
The whammy bar is one of those traditional Bigsby things, which will go horribly out of tune if you do any more than some subtle, very very very subtle vibrato. But they look sweet, don't they?
Bigsby is just for look. I'm going to install one on my SG but still keep the Stopbar tail piece. Win win ;D

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Some are fairly heavy and some are light.

If you're looking in the 1k range go used and keep your eyes open. I bought a '60 Gibson ES-330 last night for 1200.00 - it had humbuckers added.

I bought my Gretsch Country Club for $800.00 - list is over 3k - so there are plenty of deals.

Some necks are thick and some are thin - just like solidbodies - they're all different.