bump i wanna play this please tab.
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i play like this

- - - - - -
- - - - - -
- - 6 8 4 6
4 - 6 8 4 6
4 - 4 6 2 4
2 - - - - -

hope it helps

/me noob

/me not good with guitar
Those are the correct chords for the intro! Thanks for posting. I'm learning on piano, but I can play some guitar so I just converted it to piano.

P.S. I like that guitar version by the way!
ok phew, i came across this thread just over 6 hours ago and i too am looking for this tab. so i said right the hell with it, ima go tab this, and i did, sort of : / i have in the last 6 hours tabbed the main tune of carmelldansen and if yee will all bear with me i will work on guitar and bass to go with it, but the solo will take me a while and i dont have a hope with the drums so ill upload what i have so far in a minute and leave a link in a new post as soon as im done so yee can tell me what its like so far
Hi guys, new to boards, I would also like to see a tab for this but so far had a go and got intro same as was posted above at:


The little run he does first is a slide up to 7th fret on D string followed by a hammer on and pull off but i cant work out which note that is yet.

the main verse is:


Thats just the chords as im kinda in a rush at minute. Thats as much as i could figure out currently as im pretty much a noob to guitar. Most likely wrong when someone tabs the proper thing but hurry up would ya
I have the tabs up until :27. You can email me at xflamingpenguinx@gmail.com if you want them. Also you can put 'em in your tab if you want, I don't mind. Someone just needs to tab this.
(I wrote them all in, then hit the wrong button and they got deleted D: )