I have had my guitar for about 9 months, and I figured it is about time to change the battery for the p/ups considering i have emg 81/60. i just unscrewed the screws holding the cover on the place where the battery goes, however the cover won't come off! I have taken the screwdriver and try to pop it off, /i have tried to shake it out, but just won't come off. I don't want to damage the guitar and chip it or anything, so what do i do?

(sorry if this is the wrong forum to put this in)
safety pin to pop up a corner

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take a needle, bend it 90 degrees then put it in one of the screw holes. THEN try to pop it off.

I hope that makes sense

it worked, and didn't appear to chip anything.

yes its passive
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cheers, sorry 4 bein a n00b lol, can i just ask another quick question? which ones are better?
You mean humbuckers or single coils? Depends what you like, and of course, it depends of the quality of said pickup, how it matches the guitars tonewood and the amp...
But generally single coils are preferred for clean tones, while humbuckers are used for heavy overdrive and distortion settings. Grab your axe and see!
In the end, it's all just personal preference.
Well, actives give a more hotter sound, while passives don't!!

Basicaly, actives just push the amp a tad more, I believe..
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