I'm not really sure about this, so I thought I'd pitch it to the board. It seems the input jack isn't exactly connecting with the guitar cord. But I notice if I have it at an angle, it makes a connection but if I let go, it loses the connection and and either a loud buzz noise comes out or nothing comes out. So, I was thinking about putting some aluminum foil around the input jack so there's enough metal to make a connection with the amp. But I'm concerned about safety hazards...is this a good idea or a bad one?
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dont use foil

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it could be the solder joint, i would just look at the jack from the inside, bend the connector a little bit, and make sure all the joints are good. i had a jack in an amp that had actually broken off from the circuit board, but when i bend the plug in the jack it would connect, but each time i did it, it made it worse. i eventually just had to resolder the thing.