Rockschool books have pieces for guitar with tab and standard notation. These pieces can be played in a Rockschool exam along with some scales and sight reading, ect and if you play well enough you are awarded a certificate. The book also has a CD with full band mixes to play along to.

From what i've heard and what i've seen they're really easy and not very good if you actually want to learn anything. Also, people usually aren't very impressed by Rockschool grades.
rockschool is just a board for grades and each book is for a different grade. They mainly focus on metal rock blues jazz funk styles.
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

Rate my playing skills please.
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what would be a good book for grade 7-8 lead playing?

Don't think in terms of 'grades', it's not really a good way of measuring skill on guitar.

You'd be best off learning HOW to improve you lead work at a constant rate. Compared to that, a book of generic lead melodies is a waste of time and money.
Check out the theory link in my sig, and look at some instructional videos online.
Melodic Control - Marty Friedman, and Rock Discipline - John Petrucci are good ones.
Try learning some of the more difficult songs you listen to, too.
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I'd suggest conservatory books. The Rockschool "grades" aren't as respected.

they are classical guitar only though