ok, so this might seem stupid to you more experienced players, but I'm having problems with Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The power chords are the problem. I'm struggling with changing between them quickly and only hitting the required strings. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
well.. practice the chord changes SLOWLY trying to keep up with the song is gonna take longer to learn because your fingers need to learn to remember where they're supposed to be at when you change.. and just keep practicing.. we all were there at a time or another
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ya practice practice.....also try to play only the root note (the first note in the chord) and youll probalby hit the other two strings. remeber its not like strumming so try to play at least the root note and even if u dont hit all three its better than strumming them all sounds kinda confusing but i taught my sister to play guitar and that helped her
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I've got pretty much the same problem as you (although it's beginning to go for me). Just make sure you play the song and practise your power chords a couple of times a day for a while. If you still aren't improving, have a break from them and try something else, when you come back to them you'll be suprised how much easier they are (its got something to do with pressure to play them being taken away or something, apparently).

A few tips for playing them:

1. Improve your finger strength and flexibilty, if you do ten minutes of this a day you will find playing everything becomes a lt easier. Have a look around for some good exercises, there are plenty on this site!

2. If you're struggling playing the right strings, you can mute lower strings with you're thumb. This may be a guitar sin (taking thumb off the back off the neck) but even Jimi Hendrix did it (the man even fretted some notes with his thumb!) so it can be forgiven. Mute the low strings by touching them lightly with your thumb.

3. DO NOT only practise SLTS, it will send you insane if you start struggling on particular areas. Try mixing it up a bit, you could try 'Eye of the Tiger' the intro to that is really easy, or 'American Idiot', this ones a bit quicker, so a little bit harder but it will develop your finger speed.

Good luck, stick with it and you'll soon be able to play a whole range of songs that you couldn't before!
The first two months playing I couldn't switch between power chords (I was trying to play Eye of the Tiger). Suddenly -bäm- a breakthrough and now I can jump all around.