so a while (a few months) ago i tuned my guitar to DADGAD and i recorded a cool little melody thingy. a couple of days ago, i came across this small recording and i couldnt believe that i came up with it.

since then i have been messing around in DADGAD and the ideas are just bursting out of me; i have pages of tabs i wrote so i dont forget chord shapes and little melody lines. it is so weird. i love this tuning.

the thing is, a lot of the stuff is just screaming to have lyrics put to it and sung along with guitar, and i can't sing that well, and cant sing while playing guitar unless i play the exact same thing i am singing, and even then my voice is not good. i do have a bunch of lyrics as well but i cant do much with them in terms of combining them with my riffs and melodies to fashion a song.

i guess i am asking for advice as to what to do.
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you can go to the recording and riffs section to ask
but you can always just do plenty of triplets are be a hardcore kid
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tell a friend (or your family or someone that lives near to you) if he can help you with the lyrics...we cannot do pretty much if we don't here your songs...and we are not going to record ourselfs singing your songs.
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You record them on separate tracks using a program like audacity or something.

Record guitar then record the vocals on top. Quality doesn't matter until you're in a band with a a singer.
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try DGDGBD for something a bit diffrent. bollocks to your lyrics. sorry

or better yet try DADFAC (open dmin7) ... i love this tuning and dont play with anything but, now.
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But seriously if you need help at your lyrics, get some experience in your life? get a girl friend, travel, get to know new people, start listening different music and listen their words carefully etc.

Hope it helps even somehow