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What's Wrong With Me

Why am i so different
I cannot seem to care
why wont someone listin
my whole life seems to sink in your stare.

reflected in the water
the shallows start to sing
I start to feel rejected and this is what i see

I can't belive what's happening to me
What i am & plan to be
My darkest secrets are what are pure
I need to pain to be sure
and to live without your love,
a lifeless begin, born into sin
embrace you until our end

as we break the surface
my soul takes a breath
my undying upon death

there is no justice, no sincerity
only dying remnants of what i plan to be
ive drownd in the dark
i was born into light
its hard to tell which
path is truly right
redo chorus**

and thought my eyes i truly see
all the hate and pain you caused me
but i'm prepared to let you go
just to hope that you know (wispered{what's wrong with me})
AS i let you sink


listen friends to this hymn,
In between these lines lies arrows pointing to sin,
I am a broken man,
I can barely walk let alone stand,
and before I tell you why,
you have to understand who I am,
I commit things against the good of humanity
things that would otherwise bring good to only me,
I cracked the can, I was drunk again,
unable to walk, unable to see,
I was killing myself, but now that I'm dying,
waves of black regret, they flood through me,

I can only imagine, what could have been,
what I could've done, the things I could've seen,
I can only imagine, wishing I could rewind the time,
I reflect, past tense running through my mind,

If you could understand what happened to me,
would you still care that I am leaving?
not much like the last time that I went away,
too bad this time it'll be forever,

I've hurt others but still wanted your sympathy,
while being myself unable to feel apathy,
I was cursed I guess that is to die alone,
I tell you not to worry, I am going home,
It brings a false tear to my eye,
knowing that soon I will die,
oh the way that I would've flyed,
oh the mountains that I would've climbed,

I can only imagine, what could have been,
what I coulde've dong, the things I could've seen,
wishing I could rewind the time,
I reflect, past tense running through my mind,

you can see into my eyes,
but you cant see out of them,
the irony is all to true,
I ask you all to never refer to me in past tense,
Now as I make my departure into the realm of eternal sleep,
I remind you all I feel no pain, but only if it is not hell that awaits me,

people have a way of taking things for granted, It's funny, because when your hourglass runs low, You can only imagine.
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^^ agreed.
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