I personally use the Pickboy Vintage T-Shell Classic 1,20 mm and love it because the charcteristic of this pick is very close to a pick Paul Gilbert gave me after a clinic in the early 90's.

Please click on the following links:
picture #1
picture #2

Do you know this pick? I think it's 1,50 mm and I don't know where I can order this pick.

I already asked Paul via eMail and myspace but didn't get an answer. I appreciate any hint or help!

cheerz from germany,

Ibanez makes those kind of picks. Now go search!
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looks like a feder pick i owned once. just wit some cusom writing on it
MR morgan
Quote by mr morgan
fender pick i mean

Sorry guys, think this no fender and no ibanez because it's made of cellulose acetal. Why I am so sure? Because I can smell it if I rasp it. That's no plastic/polymer. It's the same material like the pick I play presently -> my pick ... which is very close to the pick from paul.