500$ is my budget, i play metal, i need it loud enough for gigging, its beetween the line 6 combo solid state spider 3 150watt http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-Spider-III-150-75Wx2-2x12-Stereo-Guitar-Combo-Amp-103944724-i1168990.gc and the crate flexwave half stack http://www.guitarcenter.com/Crate-FlexWave-Series-FW120HS-120W-4x12-Half-Stack-481416-i1320778.gc .... wich one should i go for? and any other amps for the price should i concider? thanks ---------- ok then whats the best half stack for 500$
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Never put spider III and gigging in the same sentence. Practise amp it is.
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imo you'd be better off with a tube combo at that price, with an overdrive pedal to boost it into hi-gain tones. both the spider III and Flexwave stacks are stacks of ****.
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A Peavey Valveking or Randall RG50TC are far better choices than those two peices of crap.
I've owned the FW series and played the Spiders. TBH The Spider has a nice "Insane" channel with tons of gain. But only for low bedroom volumes when playing along with music. But personally, even though I reverted to a SS combo still, tube is the way to go.
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used 5150 combo is the normal recomendation. Peavey valveking, or maybe a B-52 amp. I haven't tried Bugera amps, but i've heard they're pretty good for a budget amp
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T00b combo.

Randall RG50TC.
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Another vote for the Valveking. Please do not get an arachnid. Please. It should be outlawed to manufacture those horrid pests.
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