Hey everyone, I noticed (and I did actually use the search bar for this one) that there was no thread for the band that came from the 90's called "Third Eye Blind", for anyone who is only hearing of them now (did you skip the 90's?") there are an awesome Powerpop band with extremely intellectual and emotion lyrics, and really amazing melodys.

Their first self-titled album was really something special, and is charged emotionally, back then Kevin Cadogan was the lead guitarist and he really rocked out on the harder songs, if you play their music loud enough, you will almost definately be hooked on the song playing. (Listen to the "Jumper" guitar solo)

Some of these songs may ring bells:
Semi-Charmed Life (Their first release, it had great sucess)
Losing a whole year
Hows it gonna be
Edit: Jumper (Thanks acoustic_jesus, how did I forget?)

The lead singer Stephen Jenkins not only writes amazing lyrics, but is also a great frontman (even though he did suck live back then), The current lineup since they formed is now:

Stephen Jenkins: Vocals & Rhythm Guitarist
Tony Fredianelli: Lead Guitarist & Backing Vocals
Leo Kremer: Bass (Apparently he is temporary, but Arion the original Bassist is undergoing "personal issues")
Brad Hargreaves: Drums (Also a member of Year long disaster)

I really posted this thread to raise awareness about their upcoming album "Ursa Major" which is their first since "Out of vein" made years ago, they have been playing gigs ever since that album, and 10 years on Ursa Major is about to be released this winter.

So pretty much, post everything THIRD EYE BLIND related on this thread, thanks.

(If anyone calls me a fag for creating this, then go die in a hole, they are a great band, and even if they are as not as heavy as other bands on the UG modern rock forum, they do not suck.)

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yeah that band kinda sucks

If by kinda you mean "not at all" then I agree
semi charmed kind of life was catchy, but besides that they dont really do anything for me
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yeah that band kinda sucks

What a way to back up your statement. You have me thoroughly convinced
I'm a huge 3eb fan. Nice to see them get some love! They are one of those bands whose lyrics are on another level, just insanely good songs.

Kevin Cadogan was taught by Satch too!
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

I like Fall Out Boy. I don't like you.
Thanks acoustic_jesus for pointing out "Jumper" to me, I left that one out, I'm very tired tonight
I saw them live...best show I've ever seen. They were at Union College so the venue was pretty small too.
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I saw them live...best show I've ever seen. They were at Union College so the venue was pretty small too.

Really, what year?

Was it when Tony or Kevin were the guitarists?
Awesome, that would be Tony Fredianelli (Yes, I did look up the spelling of that name), He is an awesome guitarist, he also was in an instrumental project very different to 3eb called "Apocrypha" which is kind of like guitar-based metal, check out some of the videos posted on youtube.
theyre ok. my dad used to like them a lot, but i could never really get into them too much.