Alright so ..

I'm a pretty multi-talented guy.
I play guitar and drums, and I scream.
I consider myself pretty talented at them all, because I put a lt of time and passion into my music.
But the problem is, I'm having so much trouble finding people to jam with, or start a band. I had something going for a while, but it ended abruptly.

I really really want to get something going. Any suggestions on how I can, from past experiences or something?

Maybe its because you scream. We had this one guy at practice once and he used to just wail like a little girl at everything, like "no guys we cant have chips I dont LIKE THEM, AHHHHH!". So we hit him round the head with a candle holder, tied him up and chucked him in a river. Try getting your anger under control, maybe? Thats all I'm saying.

Post a flyer at a local music store. Those tend to attract people. Also, place an ad on craigslist or in the classifieds, or in the Ads section here on UG.
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force people to jam with you


Well, those are all marginally useful.
Except, I dont do like pig squeals (I can, but I dont) because people dont tend to like it so much because its a little extreme .. but I can sing and scream, so one would think it would pretty easy to find some people to jam with. And its not because I'm a loser or anything. I'm a generally well-liked guy and everything. I get along with everybody, but I like to rock out somethin fierce when it comes down to it.
It's all a piss off actually. I need music in my life, and it would be good to jam with some people.
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and I scream.

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