hi, i just played my new guitar for the first time today, i am very pleased with the sound but the only problem is the buzzing (not bad really when i get the setting's right).
I just wanted to know if this was normal for this guitar and, could i do/buy anything to make it less noticeable or improve it. I am using it through a laney VC30 amp.
this is my guitar - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/epiphone-les-paul-1956/860.

i am a beginner to electric guitars but i have been playing acoustic for a number of years.

sounds like you need a setup. Do a google - it's not hard to do yourself or you can pay someone.
yes, the buzzing is normal with p-90s because they r single coils, despite that the website says they r humbuckers

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The buzzing comes from improper action or truss rod adjustment. Seeing that you're new to electric guitar, I strongly recommend you don't do this yourself, but let someone with more experience do it. In case you don't know anyone, take it to a music store, those usually have technicians who can set up everything for you for a fee.
Nice guitar by the way.

EDIT: Wait - do you mean string buzz or just the hum from the pickups?
no its just the hum from the pickups, i thought that it was the fact that it has single coils which make the humming sound, its not bad really, do other players put up with it because i dont really fancy taking it for a make over just yet.
Do you recommend i get it fixed or stick with it the way it is?

thanks for your help and cheers for the compliment TheQuailman)

btw whats the treble switch for on the guitar because it only produces sound when flicked to the rythm switch
If you like the tone of the guitar, keep it. Many people who use single coils put up with the humming because they like the sound of single coils so much.
Now the treble setting is supposed to switch to the pickup at your guitar's bridge. If no sound comes out, you either have your volume knob for that pickup turned all the way down, or your guitar is f*cked. If it's the latter, you'll have to either send it back or get it repaired somewhere.
Cheers TheQuailman, like you said the volume knob was turned down, i can get sound from it now,
i like what you said about ppl putting up with the hum because they like the sound, i just needed to know its the same for other ppl,
thanks again TheQuailman, my minds at rest,