just posted a new acoustic cover of U2's "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

check it out! and if you like it than rate or comment please

if not, then crits are appreciated. C4C

Edit: It's on my profile btw, can't believe I forgot that!
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Critting as I am listening to it. This sounds like it would be played on a beach or while camping or something along those lines, I love the vibe of it. Very smooth, relaxed, you're making it your own which is great. You have a very good voice, maybe you should let it out a little more. I'm no singer or anything but thats what it sounds like your doing, like on the last verses/Chorus' go up an octave in vocal range or sing in falsetto, something like that. So it adds a little more flavor but keeps the same vibe, I actually think if you did this again and used some falsetto in it, it would add a lot more flavor to it, and would make it your own cover. But you do have a good voice, love the simplicity in it!!!! Great tune. Great job. Keep it up.

If you wanna crit something, I wouldn't mind you taking a look at this:

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
I love how you made the song you're own! If I had one suggestion though, it would be to maybe have a huge crescendo to the song. It gets sort of boring listening to it for that long with the same tempo and volume. Maybe bring out the guitar or your voice, or speed up the song a bit towards the end and I think it would have great potential!
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