yea, its his friend. He forgot to log off on MY computer, so i decided it was fair game. I do have an account on this website as well, but im not gonna tell you who it is... its a mystery...
He is at "Turner" Camp for a while, or until thursday, so i have his account until then.
He's already been banned for rickrolling 2 people, and he has been warned for making a thread about FOTB.
lets see... to make this thread interesting, I'll tell you all about him. His name is Nick. He is german. He ownly owns an acoustic. He graduated from grade school-and i dont know why i hang out with him. He lives in Chicago. Me and him have been smoking alot of pot recently, and so now hes going to buy some more at turner camp. He thinks hes the **** becuz of his pot smoking. He has a gf (I think shes kinda plain looking) he says hes gotten to second base but thats not too hard.
I hope this doesnt count as an alt,but im not telling anyone who i am, even though he probably will.
heres a question: what should i do with the account now? Fellow Pit monkeys, ASSEMBLE!
Get a life would be my recommendation.
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flirt with some of the girls on here so they think he's a dirty perv haha
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