Anyone care to explain why pedals are no good with Cubes? I've heard little things about it but I didn't really understand.
It's a modelling amp and they tend not to work well with pedals.
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Well, its a digital amp, and most digital amps don't react well to distortion pedals, because it is designed to be processing a clean signal. I think effects like phasers and wah pedals work OK though.
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Ah thank you, and I guess that works out because the only pedal I was thinking of getting for my future amp I'm getting in a month was a wah pedal.
the delay pedal i bought also kindof acted up with my amp, but hey the cube has built in delay so who needs it?
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Hmm, so what would a whammy and a wah pedal sound like through a vox ad30vt xl ? Bad?, think it has 11 presets and a couple of built in effects, cant remember totally.
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