Okay, well I made a thread a while back about how I was going to get my guitar set up for C standard at my local shop. Well the guy there told me that on the frets 11-24, it probably would be about a quarter step out of tune because my guitar wasnt a baritone, is this a major issue? It's a washburn X40 Pro if you're wondering, and is this true?

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Well, that sounds like an intonation problem indeed.

The fact that your guitar isn't a baritone doesn't make it impossible to have the intonation set properly.

If you don't know how to do this:

1) tune a string using an electric tuner; make sure it's perfectly in tune

2) compare the 12th fret harmonic with the fretted 12th fret, again using a tuner

3) if the two notes are slightly apart, adjust the saddle a little, retune and check again

4) repeat this for all the strings

That should get it set up pretty nicely. Personally I have a Fender Strat tuned to B without any real intonation issues.
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