hey all. ive been playn guitar for a while now, mayb 3 or 4 years. id say im intermediate level, like if i put my mind to something i can usualy play it. but im self taught, and lack the technical skills needed to advance further. can anyone point me in the direction of some exercises or something that i can do like each time i pick up my guitar that will help me improve, ie scales or something?

its kinda vauge but yeh hopefully someone knows what i mean.
Well exactly what do you want to improve? Shredding skills? Alternate picking or legato; simply being able to play faster? Do you want to improve your bends, do you want to learn more theory? You have to specify what you want to learn and what kind of music you're interested in playing.
good point. i want to learn my scales, as i only know a few, and playing faster,improve my left hand. not shredding as such but yeh. eventually learn how to sweep, i spose it doesnt hurt to know how to shred lol. so yeh im kinda looking for excerise that will incorperate a few of these techniques that i can just play everyday or whatever to help built my technique, which hopefully in turn will lead to speed. cheers