About a year and a half ago, I bought a phone from Verizon. Actually, I just grabbed one of the free phones because I'm too cheap to actually buy a quality one. The phone was terrible and I regretted my decision to go with the free phone but reminded myself that I could always get a new one in two years. Fast foward to now. Right after my one year warranty expired, my phone broke, literally. It completely fell apart, and I have no idea why (No, I didn't break it). When I took it to Verizon, the sales rep told me I could get a new phone for $50. The same phone, which I got for free a year earlier.

Now, this phone was absolutely horrible from day one, so I'm definitely not going to get the same phone again.

I'm not eligible for a "New Every Two" discount until November, and I'm not the primary line on the Family Plan so I'm not even sure if I'll get a discount at all.

My question is this: What can I do now about getting a new phone? I know I'm not eligible for any discounts so how much will a new phone cost (a quality one, not another piece of crap that they offer new subscribers for free)?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
yea. verizon sucks like that. everything you have to do with them is so asinine.

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But verizon's phones are cool! I have at&t meh.

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You should be eligible for a discount on a new one in November. I got a discount on mine when my old one was up, and i'm not the primary line.
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Look on Craigslist and buy a new unlocked phone. You can then get Verizon to switch phones for you.
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