I was wondering if there was a way to get a led zeppeliny guitar tone but cheaply. Is there anything i can do besides buying a $3,000 marshall amp and buying $1000 worth of pedals to get jimmy page tone. Are there any cheap pedals i can get to get something that sounds close. =)
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Ok I can definetly answer your questions.

However I need to know:
1. What gear do oyu have now?
2. What type of Jimmy Page tone? Which album? Live tone? what era?

Let me know all of this and I can help you!
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Please be more specific, you're talking about a guy that had numerous tones. Name a song, album, live show, or something.

Edit: Gabe beat me to it
Also, define "cheap." Since you just said one pedal, I'd recommend a tonebender clone, but that won't do you any good if your amp is crap.
A Silvertone or Supro amp, and maybe an Edwards or Epi (if you don't want to deal with shipping the Edwards from Japan) Les Paul, wired like Page has his (the issue of Guitar Player with Slash on the cover has the wiring diagram), plus maybe a treble booster would do well for getting the core Page sound. Maybe a fuzz or something later on.
Page had stock wiring during Led Zeppelin on both Les Pauls. The wiring mods took place after Led Zeppelin
i can get a Jimmy Page tone with any amp, his is the easiest tone to conquer. Just get any guitar and amp, turn the treble and bass up, mids at 4 and boom you got can play communication breakdown all the way to tea for one.
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