hey does anyone know if its possible to replace the tubes in an amp oneself? cos id like to know how to do it, but i dont know if theres any particular reason i need to go and get them specially fitted... can anyone help?
What kind of amp do you have? Many amps need to be biased while some amps are "fixed bias" and other amps, like my V3 have a switch for adjusting bias for a few different types of tubes.

If you're replacing the stock tubes with the exact same ones because the originals are worn or blown then you should be able to simply pull the old ones out and stick the new ones in their place but if you're swapping them to entirely different types for a different sound you've got a bit more work ahead of you.

EDIT: If you're unsure if you can do it yourself I would recommend taking it to a shop and have a professional do it for you so you don't take any chances on ruining your amp.
yeah you gotta be careful, there can be enough charge stored in the capacitors to kill you...

a lot of amps have a trim pot or something in the circuitry to adjust the bias voltage. But all you need is a multi meter and a screw drive to adjust the trim pot usually. Not to difficult you just gotta know what your doing
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