I want a chorus pedal to make my guitar (an Epi Csasino) sound fuller, and to add some vague modulation to my sound. I was thinking the Chrous Ensemble CE-20 by Boss. It has tons of features. It's probably just an impulse buy, right? Or will their Super Chorus work fine?

Also I want an inexpensive Tremolo that I will only be using on only 3 or 4 songs. Which would work best for ~$50?
Yea the Liquid Chorus is amazing! However pretty pricey! If you are after "vague modulation" and to make your sound appear "fuller" definitely go for the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble; it is subtle and there are loads of sounds you can get out of it. They are not too expensive as well in comparison to some pedals and buying them second hand off ebay is also good, especially when your not sure of what you want.
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If you go EH, don't go with the nano's they drop the volume on your rig hardcore.
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For Chorus, I'd get an analog one instead. The Visual Sound Liquid Chorus is very nice!

For tremolo:

generalguitargadgets.com 's version is cheaper, and is an absolute gem (the LED doesn't pulsate to the modulation rate though). EA tremolo is simple and simply amazing IMO, I absolutely love mine.
what amp are you using?
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