Hi people
Its probably been asked numerous times before, but whats the best?
I really wanna get myself an SG, Gibson is most definetly out of my price range, so inevitably im looking at Epiphone, namely an SG G-400.
However, looking around a little ive seen this on ebay
A USG35, it looks pukka, and ive heard good things about them, yet how do they compare against Epiphone?
Anyone have any experience of Tokai as im seriously considering one.

Many thanks.
I'd take a Tokai over an Epiphone any day of the week!
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The Tokai is a Chinese model.Its body is made of Nato.I couldnt find anything on Warmoth about Nato but here says Nato isnt a very good tonewood.

The Epiphone is made of mahogany.

I would probably choose the Epiphone.
thanks for the help there dudes, tokai sounds good with the exception of the nato body which sounds a concern.
has anyone played one? if so how you find it?

thanks again
Consider the bad quality control Epi has at the moment I would pick Tokai.

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Have you considered some Burny's?

I thought Burnys had to be imported? Not sure on their prices, either, but IIRC they're more than epiphone equivalents.

I have a G400. For the price its a great guitar. Never tried a Tokai SG but I have played a Tokai LP (not sure what model, however) and the build quality was good.
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The MIJ Tokais are pretty competitive with the other MIJ copies. I'm not sure about the non-MIJ versions of the Japanese brands ... at least they got the headstock right on that one.

The best option would be to get the MIJ version of the Epi SG ... sometimes they show up on eBay and nobody bids.

thanx for everyones comments on this, im seriously tempted with the tokai, but am a little concerned about the nato body.
Whats peoples opinions on nato, ive read varying reports, some saying it is just one step up from plywood, others that it is every bit as good as mahogany just costs less.
what do u think?