Yea, I'm more of a simple guy. This is a cover of one of my favorite tunes by my favorite band. We need more of these simple sing along songs on here too!!!!!!!! enough shredding....naw I don't know I haven't been here in a while. So here's my first post in a long time. Listen, hope you enjoy, I ain't too much of a singer, but meh its fun to do. Crit for crit. Leave me links. Enjoy!!!

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
thanks for the crit, I like your song a lot. Pretty much the same thing you said for mine, the simplicity of it makes it sound better. The only problem I heard was your voice was a little wavery in a few places, and noticeably sharp in a couple other spots. Other than that, very good job
Aww, sounds nice unplugged . I think the most focus is on the bass though. Seeing as there's no guitar in the chorus did you make something up? Nice vocals too, you could get them deeper to match Anthony's voice. Thanks for the crit for my Bass cover BTW