I have a big problem. I understand the concept that studying more will get you better grades. Every time I have a test, I sit down and study. However, I can barely concentrate. I often just sit and daydream. No matter how hard I try, I just cant find the concentration. Its worse if there is something distracting me, but usually there is not. This is a BIG problem that I NEED to fix. Any help? Thanks
I can study period. If I try I just fall asleep.

I dont really need to anyway, I have a really good memory, and always do good on tests.

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well for starters, get off of UG.....
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Try listening to soft classical music in the background.
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I've tried the music and it didn't work. I don't need to put away distractions. I am wide awake, but I just sit there and daydream. I know there are Uni students out there that could help.
I'am the same way, I believe they often diagnose this trait as ADHD, or just ADD.

Just re-read over and over again, try your best to get the most material you can in. You don't need to be one of those douschebags who think they are smarter because they invest countless hours a night into studying while everyone else enjoys life. Just retain what you can, and are interested in retaining, do your best and in turn you'll be doing yourself a favour.
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incorporate what you're studying in your day dreams. and force urself to be interested in what you're doign. thats' all i can say, and i can't say very much cuz i have this problem, and i still do.
i know EXACTLY how you feel

even when you try, you cant but help get distracted/ start daydreaming

i have not found a solution
I have found that the best way to study if to offer yourself a reward. Say you promise yourself to study two chapters in the next five hours, your reward can be an hour of watching your favorite band's DVD or something like that.

Incentives are great motivation.

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Take some Ritalin (sp). Or some other potent drug that quells your short attention span.
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I'm kidding of course. Try eating healthy and working out (if you don't already). Set aside a special place to study, quiet and not too bright.
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Take some Ritalin (sp). Or some other potent drug that quells your short attention span.

I definatly don't have ADD, I can concentrate on things for a long period of time, but I simply have this particualr problem
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Try listening to soft classical music in the background.

That never works for me. If anyone is trying to talk to me while there's music on I have to turn it off because my brain automatically tunes to the music and concentrates on it really hard. So for me, Music = Ultimate Distraction.