I currently own a Epiphone Sg and i play with Marshall AVT50. I want to get a new bridge pickup but am not sure which one to get. My interests include a lot of metal and hard rock, but i still want to be able to play songs from bands like zeppelin, incubus, jimi, etc. I have been thinking about a Gibson Burstbucker pro, but am a little skeptical of the price.

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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get a rockfield pickup they sound sweet and i think they would be flexible enough check out their website
if you want a variety of tones, see if your local guitar tech can preform the jimmy page mod.
what this does is it adds the abilities to throw both pickups in/out of phase and to split the coils on your guitar. i recently had this done to my Epi les paul, and i love the results. you can get virtually any tone imaginable.
Are you thinking about buying that pickup new or used?

You may be able to grab a Gibson pickup off Ebay, or one of a few other good ones if you are lucky
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