I just got a Tescam DP-02 to record some stuff that ive been workin on, but i just cant seem to get the right sound. Im playing a 78' custom les paul through my Marshall MG50's line out into the input on the board. Clean sounds decent and so do distorted fast and high stuff (like tapping or scale runs high on the fretboard) but my distorted chords sound like **** along with melodic stuff thats distorted. Ive been messin with my amp but i can turn the gain almost all the way down and its still a very harsh, overdriven, amp that come in the box with a knockoff strat shound. Ive heard that micing instead could make a difference but shoulden't i still be able to get a decent sound w/o a mic? plus if i get a mic than i gotta pre-amp the mic too so thats a whole new problem. Any inspiration would be appreciated. Also any generic tidbits to help out a recording new would be very helpful.

Line out's on amps generally sound way worse than the amp itself.

edit: from my experience it does
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If by "clean" you mean "get a finger right up in there and do a good bit of spelunking" then i guess "at any given opportunity" is my answer.

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