I've been trying to learn a couple of songs and I was just curious as to how you would play something such as this.

I'm not sure if you are supposed to pick it with your fingers, or somehow use a guitar pick and just miss note in between?

you can pinch them or you can mute the middle string with the fretting hand
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just mute the string in the middle with your index finger (assuming your playing the A string and D string notes with you index finger).. hope that helps
mute the string between the notes
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Put your finger 1 in the A string, 2 on G string and mute D string with your 3 finger, that's how I would do that.
either finger pick it or play it as an "octave" chord.
this should explain how they work.
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those are chords,dude.
you hold 10 and 12 at the same time
those are pretty much powerchords
someone else will probly explain it better
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A tip on muting the middle string: When your finger reaches over to fret, make your finger a little lower until it reaches the middle string but not enough to fret it so you don't always have to use another finger to constantly mute the strings. Hope it helps
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