One of my favorite Keys songs. It's a little rough, and no drums (a drum program couldn't do it justice).

The Vocals pop at the beginning of the song because I had to fix the latency problem that happened when I recorded the vocals.

C4C as always.

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I don't ever recall ever hearing this song before, but it's not too bad. I could really find any massively noticable mistakes and I think you did a good job. Drums could help fill it out a little, but I understand how programs are.

Good job and thanks for the crit on my song.
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This is pretty good stuff man. It just seems as though you rushed a few sections. A drum track would definitely help smooth you out a bit.
Yeah, I feel a drum program would totally take away from the song, because the whole point of everything this group does is to play tight together. It's a feed off of each others energy. Without someone actually beatin the skins, it would just be detrimental IMO.

Yeah, the vocals were ****, too.

/crit of own cover.